Thursday, 29 September 2011

Semester 1 projects

Here are a couple more assignments that I worked on earlier in the semester.  BTW, all models are provided by the instructors unless I say otherwise. This is Hank, and in Digital Imaging class we got some more practice with textures and various maps. I was trying to make Hank look like he was wearing some owl-ish war paint. I think I succeeded on his face, but not so much on the wings. Digital Imaging class is a good mix of technical and creative work, lots of fun! Hopefully you can see the textures, this preview looks a little small.

Here is a walk cycle I did in 3D animation class. I really enjoyed working on this, and am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Up until this point in class we had mostly worked on constraints of various kinds, so it was fun to finally get this robot really moving.

Here is a Vimeo link that should be a bit bigger:

A little more about the school itself in case anyone is interested: the small class sizes are awesome (12 student max). It gives each student a chance to actually build a relationship with the instructors and nothing beats the one-on-one feedback you can get each class. During the summer break, a few of us in the class were having trouble with rigging so we asked Scott if he could come to the class and help us out. And Boom! We got an instant 45-minute bonus lecture that cleared things up. So helpful!

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